Shift the game

Shift The Game is an innovation card game to kickstart ideation. You’ll be playing with 75 powerful technologies, impressive companies and ground-breaking trends. It will help you create or improve digital products or services.

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Get inspired by companies who are digitally in the lead, like Airbnb, N26 or OpenTable. Apply their best practices to your business.


Discover powerful or emerging technologies such as Augmented Reality, Blockchain or Voice.


Unlock the potential of new business models or consumer behaviour, like as-a-Service, Marketplaces or Personalisation.

Shift is a card game

There are no spades, clubs, hearts or diamonds though. Instead, you’ll be playing with 75 powerful technologies, impressive companies and ground-breaking trends.

We've hand-picked these examples to give you digital inspiration you can work with. Use it to boost energy levels before a workshop and increase creativity. Generate a high volume of new ideas, or get a fresh take on your existing product.

There's many ways to play. We've included a few ways in to play in the manual, but we'll gladly help out if you have a specific challenge. Just hit us up and we'll help you put your game to good use.


Don't know where to start ideating? We've included 10 Challenge cards: common digital challenges many companies are facing, which provide great areas of opportunity.

Gertjan Dewaele

Shift: The Game is a great tool for innovation meetings. It helps our team get in an innovative mindset and find new ideas. We especially like using it to trigger us with new technologies or trends when thinking about concepts.

Gertjan Dewaele
Innovation Manager, Ingenico

Alexandra Vanhuyse

In The Pocket should add a warning on The Shift packaging: “Warning: highly addictive tool, only to be used when open to radical innovation. Frequent users can display atypical, out-of-the-box thinking and might come up with next-gen award-winning business ideas. A significant competitive edge and/or a complete transformation can ensue.” Or in layman’s terms: MUST USE